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Do you want to know your ring size? Two are different methods to determine your ring size quickly and easily. The first method is measuring a ring you already own, the second method is measuring your finger, and the simplest method is using a ring sizer.The above content already introduces two different methods to measure ring size, but more details can be added to help readers better understand. For example, when measuring a ring, you should measure the inner diameter, not the outer diameter; when measuring your finger, you should measure at the widest part of the joint and adjust the size for areas that are thicker or thinner. When using a ring sizer, make sure it is not too tight or too loose.

Method 1: Measure a Ring You Already Have

You can find a well-fitting ring and measure the diameter of the inside of the ring. This measurement will be your ring size.
For example: Size 18 corresponds to a diameter of 18 mm.

The above content already provides a clear method for measuring ring size, but some additional details can be added. For instance, the ring used for measurement should be well-fitted, not too loose or too tight. When measuring the diameter, one should measure at the widest part of the inside of the ring to ensure the most accurate size.

Method 2: Measure Your Finger

The above content already introduces the method to measure finger circumference, but some additional details can be added. For example, when measuring finger circumference, it's better to measure at the widest part of the finger, and make sure the measuring tape or paper/string is snug but not too tight.

You can use a flexible measuring tape to measure the circumference of your finger. If you don't have a measuring tape, you can use a piece of paper or string no thicker than 0.5 mm, and then measure the length of the paper/string with a ruler. This will give you the circumference of your finger.

Use the ring size conversion chart below to determine your ring size based on the corresponding circumference in mm.

Tips to measure your ring size

● Do not measure your fingers when they are cold. Then your fingers are smaller.

● It is also not convenient to measure your finger on a very hot summer day

● If your knuckles are very large, it is best to choose a larger size..

● Measure your fingers at the end of the day.

● Please note the ring size of each hand can be different.

● If the ring has a stone, it is important to measure the size as exact as possible otherwise the ring will turn.

Tips for Buying a Ring as a Surprise:

Buying a ring as a gift can be tricky because you may not know the correct ring size. You can find out the ring size in different ways (unnoticed).

● Ask your partner, friends or family of the person if they know the ring size.

● Borrow one of the rings of the person (the correct finger) and measure it as described above

● Choose a ring that is adjustable in size.


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